BGates, open gate with phone
Designed with your company in mind
BGates Business
BGates is a product Made in Italy
Designed with your company in mind
BGates Business

Open the electric gate directly using your mobile phone!

Opening the gate to your company with BGates Business is instant, quick and handy

With the BGates Business device, you can open all of your company’s automatic gates directly from your phone. Thanks to the web application you can enable access for all suppliers and staff, by setting days and times. No more remote controls: anyone who is enabled will be able to activate the gate using their own smartphone with one call or a click on the APP.

BGates, Open your gate with your phone
How does it work?
The BGates Business device can be installed at every automated entrance to your company. You will be able to enable all staff via the web applicaton, To open the gate anyone enabled only has to download the APP or make a free phone call to the SIM supplied with BGates, which after just one ring, will send a signal to the device which will activate the gate.
BGates è un prodotto Made in Italy
users can be enabled or removed easily
access can be filtered by days and times of the week thanks to the web application
applicable on any pre-existing automation system

Opening the gate to your company has never been so easy. Buy B Gates Business now

The remote management web application
Via the web application you will easily be able to manage all of your company’s access points and access the log of calls made to the BGates apparatus. You will therefore have full control of all en-trances. If you need to increase the user package, you can easily in the web application manage-ment panel.
Subscription service
BGates, Open your gate with your phone
up to 500 users
100% compatible with main doors and gates
100% secure
Free iOS and Android App
Free Call

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