BGates,apri il cancello col tuo telefono


How much does the BGates LT App cost?
The BGates LT APP is totally free and can be downloaded from the Apple and Google Android stores.


Is there a monthly or yearly free for using BGates LT?
Not for BGates LT, but the SIM installed has an annual maintenance fee according to the telecom provider, which usually is no more than 5 Euros/year.


Does BGates LT work with all SIM?
BGates LT has been certified for Europe’s leading telecom operators, excluding SIM cards that use only VOIP technology (for example, operator 3).


Is a professional installer required?
The BGates LT device is easy to install, just power and connect it to the opening consent (key, button, etc.) of the automation (gate, garage, door, etc.).


Can I manage and control more than one BGates LT from the same application?
Yes, up to 4 BGates LT via App, and unlimited by phone. Simply register the BGates LT number in the Phonebook and dial it when necessary.


Does BGates LT work work in every country?
Yes, thanks to quad band technology (850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz) the device works in every country of Europe.


How much does the call cost to open the gate?
The call is completely toll-free given that the BGates LT device does not pick up and rejects the call. Any setting or notification SMS will gave a fee according to your tariff agreement with the telecom operator.
(You can disable the notification SMS)


What size SIM does BGates LT use?
It uses standard SMS, though microSIM or nanoSIM can be used with an adapter.


Does BGates LT work with all gate automation devices?
BGates LT is 100% compatible with all gate automation devices

Can I still use my old remote control?
Certainly, BGates LT adds an extra function, letting you use your phone as a remote control. However, your old remote will still continue to work.


Can I customise the response SMS?
Sure, you can change all of the SMS texts via App or SMS.


Can it be installed on a building complex gate?
Yes, but this must be approved by the building Board of Directors.


Is BGates LT a safe system?
Yes, very! Using the caller’s ID as identification, all unknown callers are ignored.